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13/06: Workshop by Ardi Kolah:
17:00 – 19:00
OTEAcademy, Σ01014/06: Conference: Divani Caravel Hotel

About Boussias Conferences

Boussias Communications designs and produces management conferences for its special areas of activity and its respective magazine titles: Marketing Week, HR Professional, Netweek, Customer Management, Banker’s Review, Sales Management, Project Management.

The organisation has produced more than 130 conferences in just 7 years, bringing forward up-to-date international know-how, and offering services which prove to be a valuable asset to the critical mission of professionals in Greece.

Boussias Communications’ events are unique due to their high quality and exquisite audience profile, since they succeed in bringing together world renowned thinkers, international experts, high-profile academics and authors, winning the widest acceptance and participation of the Greek industry in senior management level.

Amongst the distinguished international speakers who have presented at Boussias Communications events are the following:

  • C.K. Prahalad, #1 Business Thinker, world renowned Strategist
  • David Ulrich, #1 Management Educator
  • Alastair Campbell, Communications and Strategy Director to Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Scott Bedbury, Chief Marketing Officer, Nike & Starbucks
  • Malcolm McLaren, Founder of Sex Pistols
  • Bob Isherwood, Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi&Saatchi
  • Martin Lindstrom, brand strategist guru
  • Howard Draft, President Draft Worldwide
  • Jim Chisholm, Joint Principal, IMedia/IFRA
  • Maeve Donovan, Managing Director of The Irish Times Ltd.
  • Chris Llewellyn, General Manager, Emap International

Boussias Communications has closely worked with national institutions and associations, while many of our events have received the endorsement of Associations such as: the Hellenic Institute of Marketing, the Hellenic Institute of Communications, the Association of Communication Agencies, the Federation of Advertisers, as well as, the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Press and Media, FEDMA, IAAA, the Federation of Greek Industries, the Hellenic Management Association, the Hellenic Institute on Human Resources Management, and the Greek Personnel Management Association.


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