Wednesday, January 19, 2022

13/06: Workshop by Ardi Kolah:
17:00 – 19:00
OTEAcademy, Σ01014/06: Conference: Divani Caravel Hotel

Issues to be addressed

    The new European legislative landscape; A holistic review

Last year, the Data Privacy & Protection Conference initiated the dialogue on the business impact of ePrivacy Directive. The 2018 conference presents a) the deliberation update on ePrivacy Directive and b) the connection between GDPR with the European Digital Single Market framework –Digital Content Directive & consumer law.

Moreover, since the Greek GDPR bill has been prepared, the conference analyzes the adaption challenges of the Greek law to the European regulation, by giving emphasis on the clauses that are open to different interpretations amongst member states (p.ex. the Data Privacy Impact Assessments).

    Data Privacy & Digital Transformation

What are the essentials for assuring privacy in the Internet of Things? What are the privacy implications of smart devices and wearables? Why GDPR will change the way all of us interact with mobile applications? How should cyber-security and data privacy be balanced in smart critical infrastructures? And is there a way to implement the “right to be forgotten” in blockchain;

GDPR came to serve the differentiated data governance needs of the heavily digitized business environment; on this context, the 3rd Data Privacy & Protection Conference analyzes the challenges of GDPR implementation in the exponentially evolved technologies.

    From GDPR to Digital Ethics

In the light of the Cambridge Analytica case, what would be more damaging for Facebook: a GDPR fine or the losses suffered in terms of stock price and brand equity? This rhetorical question reminds us the data privacy is not an ad hoc compliance exercise, but an ongoing exercise towards establishing a transparency and digital ethics culture.

As a unique event focused on the full spectrum of data privacy (and not yet another “GDPR event”) 3rd Data Privacy & Protection Conference highlights the concept of privacy as a fundamental human right and the new imperative of data accountability all organizations should adopt. On this context, the conference also presents relevant debates on issues such as the personal responsibility of the user in preserving his/her own personal data and the data protection framework in Artificial Intelligence.


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