Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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13/06: Workshop by Ardi Kolah:
17:00 – 19:00
OTEAcademy, Σ01014/06: Conference: Divani Caravel Hotel

Speakers' presentations from 3rd Data Privacy & Protection Conference

"How to GDPR: from theory to practice"

Emerald de Leeuw, LL.B. LL.M MSc CIPP/E, CEO, EuroComply

Download the presentation locked (Zip 1202 KB)

"Data Protection: GDPR and ePrivacy Directive / draft Regulation - between a rock and a hard place"

Kimon Zorbas, Senior Vice President Government Relation & Public Policy, Nielsen Brussels

Download the presentation locked (Zip 865 KB)

"Understanding Privacy Multidimensionality"

Dr. Konstantinos Chassapis, Director, Internet Applications Division Quality Management Director (ISO 9001 & 27001 Auditor), Αlgosystems

Download the presentation locked (Zip 3038 KB)

"Re-boot your thinking for the digital age"

Ardi Kolah, Executive Fellow & Director of the GDPR Programme at Henley Business School (UK) & Founder of GO DPO

Download the presentation locked (Zip 5196 KB)

"GDPR: Subject Access Request - Strategies for Implementing an Effective and Automated Workflow"

Nikolaos Palaskonis, Territory Sales Manager, Veritas Technologies

Download the presentation locked (Zip 1236 KB)

"WP29/EDPB GDPR guidelines: an overview"

Ismini Rigopoulou, Legal and Policy Officer, Department of European and International Affairs, Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL)

Download the presentation locked (Zip 756 KB)

"EY's approach to the most challenging provisions of the GDPR"

Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Director, Head of Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Advisory Services, EΥ

Download the presentation locked (Zip 995 KB)

"Using Legitimate Interest for ethical and accountable data processing"

Paul Breitbarth, LL.M., Director of Strategic Research & Regulator Outreach, Nymity

Download the presentation locked (Zip 849 KB)

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